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We are Alberta’s hottest Hole-In-One Insurance provider, but think of us as the most affordable marketing tool you’ve ever (or never) had! Let us show you why we should be your Canadian Hole-In-One Insurance provider today!

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Do yourself and your company a favour, submit an application to start building your perfect prize, the sky is the limit. Remember to think about the charity too, it’s a wonderful way to contribute, and create a buzz if there is an Ace.

Prize Coverage

There is not a better valued marketing promotion that could potentially pay with fantastic exposure, personalized prizes and of course a wonderful charitable opportunity. Make sure to check out our rates, you won’t break the bank.

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Access our forms area for everything you need to provide your clients with HIO Direct Coverage. Download high resolution, conveniently fillable PDF forms to distribute, and apply for your event needs.

What is hole in one insurance?

Hole In One Insurance Coverage For Canada
The most affordable marketing you'll ever do for YOUR COMPANY!

We help make it possible for you to award big ticket items, such as large amounts of cash, trips or vehicles if an individual makes a hole in one during your golf event. Hole In One insurance, works just like any other insurance policy, but in lieu of insuring your actual property against damage, you are paying a premium to eliminate the risk of having to pay for a prize if someone makes a hole in one during your golf event out of pocket.

We make it easy for both you AND your players to enjoy the days events. Hole In One Insurance allows you to create a great atmosphere, draw in a crowd with the offering of great prizes, all while creating the buzz of competition. The best part is that Hole In One Insurance removes the risk of having to pay out, because your policy will cover you in the event of a winning shot. If you're arranging a Hole In One event in Canada, give us a shot!

  • % of hole-in-one shots scored

    Are made by mid-handicappers

  • % of Hole in ones scored

    Using 7, 8, and 9 Irons

  • % of hole in one shots

    Are made by women.

  • % of hole in one golfers

    Are over the age of 50


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