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Hole In One Insurance Applications For Your Standard Or Broker Needs In Canada!

Our promise is to make it easy for both you AND your players to enjoy the day’s events. Hole In One Insurance allows you to create a great atmosphere, draw in a crowd with amazing prizes, all while creating the buzz of competition. We can even insure your Million Dollar Shootout!

Submit your online application, and let us get you set up with your Hole In One Insurance policy today. Because these seasons can be a busy time obtaining your perfect policy should be simple and fast!

The best part of what we offer is the ability for YOU to customize the prizes anyway you wish. A Hole in One is definitely the pinnacle of any tournament, but even if it doesn’t happen, the exposure for your company is absolutely measurable.

We are Canada's Hottest Hole In One Insurance Provider with Great Exclusives!

  • Shorter yardages available
  • Multiple pins of one green
  • Par 3 tournaments
  • 100% Prize restoration included on every policy
  • 15% Broker commission included
  • Million Dollar Shootouts
  • Amazing rates
  • Easy online applications

Hole In One Insurance Online Applications For:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Northwest Territories
  • All the rest of Canada
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What Is The Average Cost Of Hole In One Insurance In Canada?

The cost of hole in one insurance in Canada can fluctuate, and so can those coverages. The details to consider are your prize amount, coverage needs, and of course the company you’re actually insuring with.

With our 20 plus years of broker knowledge, we can give you a great number! Brad Gibson is working hard behind the scenes to get you the right prize coverage. Guaranteed it’s better than any type of estimate you might find online.

Choose the correct online application form above, and get covered right away! If you need a little convincing, check out our rate card here. Once you’ve seen how affordable hole in one insurance can be, let Brad get you the appropriate coverages that you not only need but deserve for your event.

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